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What We Do


A bit of background – I have always cared about empowering citizens to make change. I wrote eight New York Times bestsellers — about issues ranging from feminism to American and global civil liberties and freedom. advised the Clinton campaign , and was a formal advisor to VP Al Gore in his Presidential campaign, advising on women’s issues. I co-founded a women’s leadership institute, The Woodhull Institute, and the American Freedom Campaign, to empower Americans in their advocacy.

DailyClout was founded in response to requests from ordinary citizens. When I wrote a book, The End of America, about how democracy was eroding in the US, it was a stealth bestseller — a documentary about it was downloaded two million times. But audiences from all backgrounds asked me: what can we actually do? My cofounder, Lisa Thomas, and I, realized that we need to create a digital platform to take back our democracy. That’s, the drive-your-democracy platform that I cofounded, puts any US state or Federal bill into the hands of anyone. DailyClout lets users and their friends lobby for themselves for the world of their dreams.

DailyClout and I combined, now have a global audience with a high of 3 million reach on Facebook. An average sponsored campaign on Twitter reaches 1.5 million to 5.5 million Twitter impressions a month. has been featured in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, La Reppublica, Refinery29, CamilleStyles and Mogul, among other sites. Eighteen elected officials, including Members of Congress, have given interviews to, or retweeted a BillCam. We created a Get Out the Vote campaign that is being give targeted release by one of the top digital distribution firms, on behalf of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, that will share voting information with millions of Americans.

My powerful global community trusts me and my team at DailyClout to alert them to the issues about which they care, across the political spectrum. They trust BillCam to provide superfast, easy-to-search, socially shareable access to real US legislation, changing in real time. We also explain bills in blogs, videos and infographics in fun, easy-to-understand formats.

We plan to build BillCams for every one of the 132 democracies in the world.

We now feature sponsored content and banner ads on DailyClout. We create targeted campaigns using video, podcasts, blogs and infographics, to raise awareness of your brand or your issue; we can even embed the bill around which you may be mobilizing, and create a campaign to share it on social media and to move groups to “vote” and to tweet your representative, or the bill’s sponsor. We identify this content as sponsored or “Paid For By.”, along with our combined social media platforms, are powerfully impactful places to feature sponsored content and ads about your issue or brand: readers are learning, engaging, and and using BillCam to alert their networks and representatives, and take powerful action.

Thank you for following DailyClout and sharing your BillCams!