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Campaign Services

DailyClout “Campaigns”: A New Platform that Lets Any Group Build a National and Global Following, Free of Big Tech Interference

You have the passion and the idea; but how do you identify and connect with the right audience, and compel them to action?

Most nonprofits, independent book publishers and music and film producers, political candidates and even small and medium-sized businesses, don’t have in-house PR staff, in-house blog editors or web developers, video producers or in-house graphic designers. Many also find it difficult and costly to update a website regularly; and even the best websites of smaller entities, can struggle for  attention and views.


Two Options to Scale your Message

1. Do-It-Yourself Campaigns:

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For $199 a month, you can use our proprietary technology to launch a do-it-yourself campaign that is like a channel on our site, or a digital magazine devoted to your mission.

Upload your own blogs, event announcements, video links, calls to action and related news links, and use our social media buttons to turn your followers effortlessly  into volunteer PR advocates.

Be featured as a sponsored campaign on our DailyClout site that has 122,000 visitors a month and in our community of over 400,000 highly engaged followers on all of our social media platforms.

Unlike Big Tech, we won’t shadow-ban you, marginalize you for your political views, bury your channel with biased algorithms, or harvest your unconsenting users’ data. Our terms of service are nonpartisan, accountable, free-speech-oriented and clear. Find your followers NOW and reach national and global audiences.

2: Managed Campaigns

For $900 a month and up, you can add boutique PR options to your sponsored campaign.

The PR and marketing side of DailyClout team has decades of experience in helping non-profits, candidates and brands build national and global recognition.

You have the passion and the idea but, how do you identify and connect with the right audience and compel them to action?  The DailyClout team has decades of experience in the political arena helping non-profits, candidates and brands do exactly that.  Strategic planning, messaging strategy, copy writing and editing.

Boutique Options:

Handcrafted Press Releases

Written by our experienced team of media strategists; these are sent out to every news outlet.

Handcrafted Blogs/Articles

Written by our experienced team of media strategists, these blogs and articles help to explain your campaign, candidacy, or product. Following National Union of Journalists’ ethics guidelines for separating sponsored content from editorial, they are clearly identified as sponsored content.

Video Production

We edit your raw video — speeches, events, demos — or we create video for you — including interviews in which you explain your campaign, candidacy or product. These are edited and polished by DailyClout’s professional video production team.

Social Media Distribution

If you don’t have a dedicated social media manager — we do! We distribute your original content across the internet, hashtagging and Facebooking targeted audiences that will be especially receptive to your subject or mission.
  • DailyClout social channels
  • Proprietary Distribution (you select the audience)
  • Curated email list
  • DailyClout Campaign

Download our Managed Campaign Services brochure here.